Spread the Love

Most people make Valentine’s about going on a nice date and celebrating their love for a significant other through food, cards, and gifts.

Great. Beautiful. Do that.

But remember when we were kids and Valentine’s Day meant we got to make treats and cards and give them to everyone in our class? And then you would go home with your little card house and open each one (of course, carefully analyzing the pre-chosen message from the person you liked. “Have a ‘Super’ Valentine’s Day” is obviously platonic versus “You’re my kryptonite!”…right?!?), feeling great about life.

I like that better.

So, as our we’re reminded of “love” this month with seas of red and pink and commercials for Kay Jewelers, let’s think of unique ways we can show love to everyone. I know we are all busy people, but here are some small ways you can consider spending your lovely time.

Love your community: Volunteer to cook a meal this month for your local shelter, Catholic Worker, or your neighbors.

–  Love your co-workers: Bring in coffee and donuts to share, write cards, or offer to clean someone’s office.

– Love your parents: Call and thank them for specific things they’ve done for you.

– Love your stranger: Buy the meal of the person behind you in the drive through, dedicate and perform a karaoke song to the guy alone at the bar, or knit something and give it away to someone.

Love that couple who desperately needs a night out: Offer to babysit (for free)

– Love your planet: Buy a plot of rainforest, plant a tree, pick up trash on the highway, build a compost, install energy efficient light bulbs, etc.

– Love the love of your life: Spend a media-free evening together.

Go love and be loved.

ImageMake these adorable Valentine’s banners with:

– Paint

– Pages from old books (or canvas cloth)

– Hemp string

– Paper doilies

-Hot glue gun