The first time I saw a therapist was after my parents divorced my freshman year of high school. I didn’t care for it much at the time. 

The first time I chose to go to a therapist was my senior year of high school when I decided to finally deal with my parent’s divorce. Ha.

The next time I went to therapy was after I spent a year with YWAM (if you’ve ever been in YWAM you should understand why), which happened to coincide with pre-marital counseling. I have been going on and off ever since. 

I love it!

I wish that there weren’t a stigma surrounding it. I wish that if you told someone you were on your way to counseling they wouldn’t automatically assume you’re suicidal, have an eating disorder, or in a nasty divorce. There are a million reasons why someone might need mental health help, one being simply, just because

I think everyone should seek counseling at some point. My husband Clayton (after working with kids diagnosed with psychological disorders) said, “We’re all just one traumatic experience away from literally going crazy.” I think this is true. 

I also think it’s the best thing in the world to have someone ask me questions that no one else would ask me or come up with. Questions that make me rethink my whole outlook or cause me to notice my behaviors and/or reactions to things. I love that my therapist only knows me. She doesn’t have a relationship with my family or any of my friends. She just cares about my mental state. I love that my therapist will call me on my shit and it isn’t hurtful or offensive because she’s not my best friend, it’s just her job. I love therapy because it helps me to be a more balanced, inquisitive, and self-reflective person. 

For example, last week my therapist had me bring in collage images that either represented myself in some way or that I was simply drawn to. Then we discussed each one and the placement of the images in relation to one another. At first I thought it sounded a little cliche, but I was surprised at what I learned about myself and it impacted things I did this week. 


I wish mental and physical health weren’t largely considered two separate entities in our world, because they really aren’t. When my mind is happy, I’m more likely to eat better, be more active, and maintain healthy relationships and vice versa. It all works together, people. 

So, if you have ever thought about seeing a counselor, I would encourage you to give it a try. Our world is very depressed from all the global warming, social media, unemployment rates, unaffordable education, war, famine, trafficking, disease and stuff. There’s no shame in talking to someone, even if it’s about your middle-class white girl problems. 


P.S. I thought I would give everyone a break from having to read about Miley Cyrus’ VMA performance. You’re welcome.