Hey Soul Sister

Yesterday I was savoring a delicious breakfast in the company of these two lovelies. We were discussing workplace dynamics, conflict resolution, documentaries, progressive women’s movements, faith, etc. Ya know, the usual…

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While sipping my coffee, I stopped to think about what my closest girlfriends do with their lives. I came up with the following:

Revitalizing neighborhoods, community building, leading people in worship, parenting, studying to be a midwife, assisting refugees with urban gardening and childcare employment, researching for child and welfare policy, coordinating volunteers, managing projects and events, serving people onboard aircrafts, teaching America’s youth, leading missional outreaches across the globe, helping homeless families transition into stable housing, campaign management for healthcare reform, and running their own small business.

You know, I think Jesus was spot on when he said that to be a leader you must first be a servant. These women are the most service-oriented people I know and that is one thing that makes them incredible leaders. The occupation part is just a glimpse. They also serve on committees, volunteer in churches, grow vegetables or knit scarves and give them away, teach yoga classes and mentor at-risk kids. THEN, on top of that, they also find time to bring me lunch when I’m sick, take me to the airport at ungodly hours, dance with me, remind me of my self-worth, defend me, let me get snot all over their shirt as I sob into it, accept my flaws and allow me to see theirs. They challenge me to see God in new ways, they inspire me with their intellect and passions and they bring me comfort with their presence (along with a million other tiny and big things).

In the last week some of these friends have told me:

-They were sexually harassed in workplace environment

-They attempted to lead a group at work and were immediately shut down

-They didn’t feel heard or that their voice mattered

Siiiiggghhh. I hate that.

And there’s nothing I can do to fix it or make it go away. I also hate that.

BUT, I just want to say:

Chin up, cookie.

You are courageous for being where you are and doing what you do.

You are lovable for making the world a better place with the work of your hands and the fruit of your spirit.

You are capable of leading one or one-hundred-thousand with your voice and your abilities.

You are valuable because you exist. And good Lord, am I thankful that you do.

Fight for a place at the table. Speak up. Make waves. Cause a ruckus. Practice your Wonder Woman stance.



My Lip Gloss Be Poppin’

I bought my first real tube of lipstick the other day. ‘Real’ implying that, A. I didn’t get it from Target and B. It’s not a color reserved for wearing as part of a costume.

This little gold tube has had a profound impact on me. There is something about it that makes me feel instantly grown up and fiercely confident. As if signing a marriage license at 19, paying bills while going to school full time and doing mission work in various third world countries haven’t nudged me into adulthood enough. But seriously, its like I was looking in the mirror and realizing I am no longer ten years old. I’m no longer sitting on my grandma’s bathroom countertop applying some hideous shade of pink, pretending to be a lady. There is no pretending involved in this scenario. I have arrived.


Some other “grown-up” moments of mine include:

-When I wrote a check for $3000 to buy a car. Still hurts.

-When I had to kill a bat in my apartment

-When I asked for dishes for Christmas

-When I realized I didn’t have to “go home” at the end of the night

-When I was at book club drinking wine and talking about politics and Roth IRAs

What are some of your “grown-up” moments?