Don’t Skip Girls Night

One time the three men I so graciously live with asked me what girls talk about when they get together. I didn’t really know what to say. Living with guys, I have noticed their conversations for the most part are reserved to politics, food, sports, and friends. So what do I talk about with my friends? I happened to be on my way out the door for LIT girls (aka book club), so I promised to take notes and report back to them.

My consensus:  What DON’T girls talk about when they get together?

For real. In an hour we are capable of touching on birthing methods, blogs, Roth IRAs, books (obviously), ex-boyfriends, how weird the Old Testament is, the Paleo diet, the Kardashians, poop, exercise, cats, how often we shower, beer, and memories.

Isn’t that amazing? Ha…

Being around men all the time I have my moments of seriously, that fart was not necessary and how do you get that little pool of pee on the back of the toilet EVERY time? and I think I’m going to projectile vomit if I have to hear anything else about your fantasy draft. But I would actually call myself a guy’s girl. I feel perfectly at ease in a group of them. They think I’m pretty cool. I can bro down. I do bro down. A lot. If you’ve never met my other half, he is a boy through and through. However, I have noticed there are times I feel like I have to ‘suppress the Jess’ (New Girl reference, sorry) in order to be cool with the dudes. 

So, there is something really refreshing about being with a handful of ladies. About wine and cupcakes. About nail polish and giggling. About being asked a bunch of questions and sincerely listened to. About crafting lovely things together. About hugs and understanding. About being able to comfortably dance immodestly and being complimented on your shoes.

And I read these in a recent psychology journal:

– Female friends enhance a woman’s physical and emotional health at every stage of life.

– Husbands frequently pre-decease their wives, so girlfriends become a vital system of support.

– Being with girlfriends helps women feel more confident, better understood, and more relaxed- making her a better wife, mother, lover, or partner.


Here’s to embracing lady parts and stuff.