At the Moment

at the moment I am…

…feeling stronger. This is a first for me since I was never an athlete due to the whole lanky, awkward, shy thing I had going on as a kid. And a severe lack of competitiveness. I just don’t have it in me. I’d rather hand over the ball than run away with it. Anyway, so far I have completed 3 of the 10 weeks of Farrell’s. It feels great to open jars and kick the sh*t out of a bag (although, let’s be honest…I probably look about as tough as a baby rabbit doing so).

…Done with winter. Even my snow boots, which have been faithful to me the last four winters, are indicating resignation with their torn soles. I just want to get in bed and not have it feel like I slipped into an ice bath. I want to feel sunshine, eat fresh vegetables, see colors again and drink iced tea.

…Feeling like all I really want in life is a big front porch, a passport filled with stamps and a hypo-allergenic cat.

…Currently a big fan of the following things: Scandal (I haven’t been this obsessed with a show since Lost), anything with Curry, the #Notbuyingit App for the iPhone, and dark nail polish

…All torn up about the human traffiking happening all across the globe, but especially in my own home state. I went to a Human Traffiking Conference this week where specific cases from Iowa were shared. I’ll blog about what I learned this week. But in the meantime, pertaining to sex trafficking: Hey people (mainly dudes)- you’re the consumers! Therefore, you’re in control of how this plays out. Every time you purchase sex from a prostitute, purchase or look at porn, or visit a strip club you are supporting, endorsing, and increasing the demand for young women to be traffiked. Thanks.

…Getting baby-fever from spending all my time with a beautiful, snuggly, soft, infant. And then I switch to being with 2-4 year olds and the fever magically disappears 😉

…Missing my friends in far off lands.

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