7 Things Sunday

I was standing in line at the Fleur waiting to see Her (which I have a total love/hate thing with. I could talk about it for hours. Ugh. It ruined me. Haha.) and I was thinking to myself how it has been an amazing year for film and I’m unusually excited for Oscar season. Every movie showing at the Fleur that night was excellent. Yes, I had seen all of them. Don’t judge me. I just can’t help it. I get way too emotionally invested in stories. I want to see them all. I partly blame how I was raised. For instance, it is virtually impossible to beat any team my dad is on at Scene It and growing up my mom would keep our movie ticket stubs from each year and put them all in a scrapbook. They would, and still do, frequently speak in movie quotes. Instead of renting some popular kid movie (which obviously did happen sometimes) my parents would have Madison and I watch Casablanca or Monty Python or something that was split between two VHS tapes. 

I’m the person who can’t just leave a movie and not think about it all day or for a few days or sometimes all week. There are exceptions. Like, I’ve never seen a Seth Rogen movie that left me with existential questions or conflicted feelings. Wait…nope, I’m wrong. 50/50 got me good. But, you get what I’m saying. I love when a movie makes me notice, makes me engage, makes me feel, makes me think. Here are the last seven films I’ve seen and my brief opinion:

One. Her

-It is hard for me to summarize all my thoughts into a few sentences for this one. I appreciated that it was beautifully shot, brilliantly acted and extremely thought-provoking. I believe I initially confused not liking the movie for not liking the way the movie made me feel. But it did exactly what it was probably supposed to do–make me question what is real and what is okay. I could go on forever. Just go see it.

Two. Blackfish

– Really sad, especially if you grew up watching Free Willy like it was your job. Everyone should see it to be informed. Oh, and Orca penises are the craziest thing ever.

Three. Nebraska

– I think there is another level of appreciation you can have for this movie if you’re from the Midwest. It’s refreshing to see something you’re so familiar with on screen; the unsentimental small-town life that is rarely portrayed. It’s timeless, melancholy, and at times very funny.

Four. American Hustle

I’m not entirely sure it lived up to its hype. I mostly loved it for the performances, but it was a fun movie; clever and charming with a little bit of everything. It felt too long, but I wasn’t ever bored either.

Five. Anchorman II

Definitely too long, but I thought it was hilarious. I mean, it’s just more of the same…which is exactly what the people who see it will want.

Six. Philomena

Obsessed. When is Judy Dench not the best ever?! This movie will make you feel everything. It’s a humbling and well-crafted look at the thirst for righteous justice and the tenacity of faith and underserved mercy. It’s beautiful.

Seven. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

I get that people are sticklers about it being so different from the book. I’m a huge fan of the book. But I went in knowing I should just enjoy it for cinematic entertainment’s worth…and I did. Sure, I wish some things were different but it definitely kept me engaged more than the first movie and I’ll probably watch it again.