I made it through the busiest finals week of my collegiate career and graduated last Saturday. And then on Sunday I moved. This is the third time in my life I have had to move the week of finals. Never on purpose, but leases and classes always end at the exact same time in my life apparently.  Blah.

On a happier note, I was accepted to both graduate schools I applied to (but don’t even ask me what I’m going to do because I have no idea) and landed a volunteer internship with ArtsFest Midwest. This is the other arts festival held at the State Fairgrounds the weekend of the Des Moines Art Festival.

I start my summer nanny job soon, and let’s just say I plan on dominating at this. I have been making a really sweet summer bucket list for us to accomplish. I mean, the kids have already asked me for my autograph, so I must be doing something right *hair flip*.  I know that going to the pool will practically be an everyday event, so I went looking for a new swimsuit this week. I must say, it is really strange to go shopping for a suit the first week of May (that in itself is actually normal) in your gloves, scarf, and winter coat because it is 35 degrees and SNOWING.


I’ve been able to get a lot of good QT in with friends and family lately- always a good thing. Painting and planting, attempting to find the best Mexican (with the best margs) in Des Moines, dance parties, making and delivering May Day baskets, sleepovers, drinking wine and eating fancy cheese on the front porch, FaceTiming friends in faraway places, and last night I got to be a part of the surprise engagement party for these two cuties.


Two of the most selfless, patient, compassionate people I know. I seriously cannot think of a match better made. I am over the moon excited for their life together to begin. They already have an incredible impact on their community and I am anxious to see that grow wherever life takes them.  Congratulations Colyn and Hilary. All my love to you both!