Birthday Love

Happy Birthday to the beautiful Kim Hensley! Like seriously…look at that picture!! She is absolutely radiant. All. The. Time. Last night I had the privilege of celebrating the life of this lady. We went to see Peter Pan at The Des Moines Playhouse. We sat in the second row. We laughed, we believed in fairies, we ate ice cream sandwiches. It was fantastic. Everyone should go see it, especially if you have little ones. Then we cuddled up in my apartment for some fancy liquor our friend Emily brought home from Scotland and chatted late into the night.

Kim is someone who consistently oozes joy. I can’t express that in enough seriousness. She is so happy and animated  She makes everyone else happy. She has my favorite laugh in the whole world, which is great because I get to hear it often.  Her hair is perfect. I covet it. She is the life of the party. She is always giving of her energy and love. She has an incredible family. She inspires me to find blissfulness in the little things life offers. She leads worship for a living and if you’ve never heard her voice before you are missing out. Its like honey. When all our dude friends lived in a big house together, Kim would come over and cook amazing Cuban food for all of us. I love that Kim shares my passion for Jesus, Team Peeta, dance parties and doughnuts (thus, the doughnut hole adorned with the birthday candle in the photo). I love that she isn’t afraid to get real and sassy. I love that she is a mentor to young women and is invested in their journeys. Kim, needless to say…you are incredible and I love you. Have the happiest of birthdays.