Happy birthday to my sweet Milo, who has always been, and continues to be, a terrible sleeper.

This morning, before the dawn of his 2nd birthday, he came and woke me up at 4:30 a.m. by shouting “Mommy! Orange.” and he never went back to sleep. So there we sat on the couch eating oranges at 5:40 a.m.

He is the busiest guy I know; into everything, always moving, constantly onto the next thing, and usually blabbering away. His curious, playful energy is wearing but brings me a lot of joy. This year he earned the nickname ‘mooch’ because he is always mooching our food and is an avid smoocher.

Year two was FULL. I wanted to write down a few things to remember about it:

He learned to walk, hug, kiss, jump in puddles, use a spoon, high-five, snap his fingers, sweep the floor, stick his tongue out, say quite a few words, blow dandelion leaves, and probably lots of other things I’m forgetting.

He traipsed around Berlin in buggy and on bike, visiting alllll the playgrounds, discovering a love for soft pretzels, and excitedly practising animal noises at the zoo.

He saw his Aunt Madison get engaged on the Isle of Skye and married in South Carolina.

He and Nell threw rocks into rivers, dug in the mud for treasure, and frolicked through forests in the Highlands.

Got his first haircut in Croatia from his Nana.

Attended two weddings in kilt attire.

Splashed in fountains and rode a carousel in Florence, ate gelato and ran around naked in Lucca, and had his first dip in the sea at the Marina di Grosetto.

Spent one night in the A&E for accidentally ingesting peppermint oil and 5 other nights for virus-induced wheeze. As a result, he was also given his first inhaler.

At the moment:

He asks for a snack 5,200 times per day, specifically apples or oranges.

Pronounces “milk” with a very thick, German accent.

Loves Peppa Pig (what is it about Peppa Pig?) and Elmo.

Enjoys feeding the ducks at Holyrood Park and walking up to every door we pass to just give it a little touch.

Gets excited about buses, ambulances, fire engines, and airplanes.

And is a big fan of bathtime now that he’s gotten over his fear of bubbles.

I am the luckiest.



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