7 Things Sunday

One. Spring is here! Egg production is in full swing and the weather is warming up. That means one of my favorite things ever: breakfast on the porch with friends. YAY YAY YAY. IMG_7036IMG_7016IMG_6991IMG_7009IMG_6878IMG_7048IMG_7051

Two. I had the opportunity to hear the infamous primatoligist and conservationist, Dr. Jane Goodall speak in Omaha Friday night. She told bits of her fascinating story with Gombe chimpanzees, discussed Roots & Shoots (her youth-led community action group…which meant there were lots of kiddos in the audience. Awesome.), and the most pressing conservation matters on her heart (let’s not kill Grizzly Bears). She was absolutely lovely. I could have listened to her for much longer. And then the night continuted with a jazz band playing a cover of ‘Smooth’ by Rob Thomas and Carlos Santana, trying some delish beers, and even more delish tacos from a truck.

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 10.23.38

Three. Looooook what I found. Haha. When you grow up with a right-brained father…

Four. Tuesday night I checked out the new, hella busy, Iowa Taproom with some of my besties. All craft Iowa beer. All the time. You should definitely go, but maybe wait a little bit for the excitement to die down if you don’t feel like waiting for long stretches. The food is good, too! And if you’re partial to ginger beer, check out the Firetrucker Cat Dragon. It’s 11.5%, so go big or go home.

Five. This happened  in our community this week. Thank God everyone was okay. It could have been much worse and even the next day there were two more rounds of gang-related shooting. I have lots of questions, thoughts, and feelings but more than anything it just makes me proud of the work ArtForceIowa is doing. I wish they could expand and grow so we can try to keep kids with guns off of the streets and instead give them squeegees and a job in a community of people who love and care about them. I know that sounds idealistic and it’s not a fix-all solution, but I’ve seen it work and believe it can make a huge difference.

Six. I was going to post asking if anyone wanted to go to hear Rob Bell speak about his book How to be Here in Minneapolis on May 14, but I just saw that general admission tickets are $100. Pssshhhh. Well that’s lame. Anyone swimming in $$??

Seven. Introducing Joel. I am now a nanny for this little dude. He’s 8 months old, loves to stick his feet in his mouth, and makes really amazing noises. We’re a fun pair, so if you want to schedule a play date with us, let me know!


LOL. That drool.


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