7 Things Sunday

One.  Donald Miller recently wrote a blog that I found really thought provoking. Here’s a little bit of it:

“Every healthy thing God created changes. If something doesn’t change, it’s dead. God designed the world so that it is in constant motion, never sitting still, always dying and being reborn. Everything is changing, all the time. One of the ways God encourages us to change is by constantly starting things over. He created you to sleep, so every night you lie down and go into an odd kind of coma for about 8 hours and then you wake up and start another day. Think of it like a do-over. And it’s not only you. The whole earth is starting over every morning. And it’s not only days that start over, it’s the seasons, too. We are not fixed beings. We can change and were designed to change. Once I realized that, I was able to let go of the old me so the new me could get created. I didn’t have to be scared, lazy, or controlled by fear anymore. That me could die away and a new me could start growing out of the ashes. I could be somebody different.”

This line hit me so hard: If something doesn’t change, it’s dead. I’ve been in a relationship where I go through the same cycle over and over again with someone. We do the same little dance. We have the same conversation 100 times. Nothing changes. It gets easier and harder simultaneously, but either way its unhealthy. And for whatever reason as I read Miller’s words it just hit me that the refusal of change kills. That relationship is dead.  

So how do we embrace that design to change? How do recognize that we are not fixed beings and that we can break out of destructive places? Why is it so hard to lean into something that is so integrated and natural in our world?

Two. Well, here’s one idea. My friend Colyn said the best marriage advice he ever got was to “stay curious.” And I think he and Hilary do a really great job of this individually and together. I see them stay curious about each other by asking questions and giving each other the space and support to explore their ever evolving interests. For instance, at the moment Hilary is all about raising urban chickens and Colyn is on an astronomy kick. There were little phases before and there will be new ones to come. Curiosity keeps us changing, moving, learning, growing, and soaking up the new.

Three. I spent New Years Eve with a lot of good friends. It was a black tie party so we dressed up real fancy-like. There were 19 bottles of champagne on the kitchen table, so I was very bubbly by the end of the night. Kim taught me how to Cumbia to Justin Beiber’s ‘Sorry’, which was perfect. And at midnight someone dropped a giant exercise ball from the top floor. New Year’s Day included a lot of couch reflection time, brunch at Village Inn, and watching Ex Machina in bed with my #spousalunit.

Four. Christmas this year was kind of strange. Cousins were gone. My sister didn’t come home. My grandparents were in a new house. The number of Christmases I attended went from 9 to 3. But it was quiet and peaceful. My mom and I made the cutest little hot chocolate mug cookies and had our annual screening of While You Were Sleeping. I got fat, happy, and played A LOT of card games.

Five. The books ‘Silence’ by Shasaku Endo and ‘The Circle’ by David Eggers are favorites of mine and they are both going to be adapted for the movie screen this year. They each have stellar casts, too. I’m way pumped. Check it:



And read them!

Six. Latest dance jam: 

Seven. Here’s a recent picture of the Des Moines Catholic Worker crew at Julie’s farewell party. I really love this community. If you’re interested in giving/volunteering/joining you should :): http://dmcatholicworker.org/


Oh. I can’t forget Mama cat. She’s a very important member.




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