7 Things Sunday

One. Colorado is always stunning, but in the fall…my god. You just want to pin your eyes open so you don’t miss a split second of the beauty. Yo Iowa, I really love you, but if you could grow some mountains that would be great. Kthanksbye.

Two. This weekend I was lucky enough to visit two friends I hadn’t seen in years. I went to Boulder and hung out with Nate, who I met in YWAM (seven. years. ago. aaahhh!) We grabbed dinner at a restaurant that happened to be cash only, but I didn’t have a debit card on me and his debit card wouldn’t work at the ATM for no apparent reason. But the restaurant sent us home with a bill and a return envelope to mail a check back. So trusting! I love it. When I met Nate he was trying to grow a real mustache and he wore sweatpants and a tie-dye brown t-shirt with a giant pug face on it nearly every day. Now he has a legit beard, teaches high school freshmen Chemistry, and much to my enjoyment—was wearing a pug t-shirt when I came downstairs for breakfast the next morning. I also got to visit Ft. Collins and see Brad, who was a fellow ChildVoice intern with me in Uganda. We got to hike on one of the most gorgeous days everrr, try Afghani food for the first time, and sample some local brews. It made me so happy to see their faces again!

I was thinking about the various episodes of traveling I’ve had in my life and the friendships from those that have stuck with me. It takes a conscious effort to stay in touch once you’re separated by miles of ocean or land and time differences, but after this weekend, I’m convinced there’s a key to what makes certain relationships stick over time: when you can seamlessly transition from drinking and laughing until your sides hurt about something completely inappropriate to hashing out the deep and personal somethings without any reservation. That’s priceless. You never want to lose those. So thanks dudes, for both the giggles and the heart to hearts.

Three. I knit my first hat! I’m already working on my second with a multi colored yarn that I’m completely obsessed with. Shout out to my girl Jess at Stitch. She can supply you with everything you need and she’s the most patient teacher there is. Also, while Madison was in class this week, I sat outside on a bench and was working on the hat. Three different guys passing by made a comment about it. One of them requested that I make him socks. I thought it was probably a weird hobby to pick up at 25, but hey…apparently my knitgame brings all the boys to the yard. Sorry. That was a terrible joke.


Four. This movie (and book) is excellent:

And I am really looking forward to seeing this:

Five. Andrew and I went to a life changing spin class at SoulCycle. The personal highlight for me was the choreographed cycle dancing to ‘Swing’ by Savage. Dice throw dance move incorporated. We also went to a life changing wedding. Seriously. I don’t think I will ever see a wedding that beautiful again in my life. The people were gorgeous. The food was amazing. The DJ played the most perfect mix of music. We dance battled a 9 year old girl on and off the entire reception. After the reception we walked to the bar closest to our hotel where we met an entirely different wedding party of 40-somethings from Florida/Sweden and became besties with all of them. This is one of the reasons I love hanging out with Andrew. It’s like being a magnet for personal stories and friendliness. We became best friends with bartenders who gave us free drinks, all of our Uber drivers who opened up their hearts about things like single motherhood, girls that got away, and family drama. We were cheering on and high fiving our SoulCycle bike neighbors. So much love.

Six. These are my new favorite sweet tooth indulgence. But they happen to be vegan, gluten, and dairy free. So hey.


Seven. Each time I’ve come to visit my sister over the last three years, the adventures have gotten more fun and her presence has become harder to leave. Booooo. She is also maybe the only person who can calm me from a panic about a weird Jewish man butchering my hair because “he doesn’t know my personality.” Its a long story.




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