7 Things Sunday

One. Recent feels:

IMG_7492This one is especially dedicated to my flatmates who find it necessary to frequently comment on my peanut butter usage (insert stink eye) 😉 …
IMG_7408 IMG_7498Two. I think I met an angel. Or a ghost. Or a wizard. I was walking through Princes Street Gardens the other day and I noticed this statue with a plaque that said it was given to Scotland from America. It caught my attention, so I was just standing there looking at it when this elderly man starting telling me his interpretation of it. He was adorably decked out in tweed and I know it’s not a real thing, but I swear he had a literal twinkle in his eye. We chatted for a tiny bit and he said, “Well, my dear, if you aren’t too busy would you fancy just sitting on this bench for a little while and having a chat?” So, we sat there looking over the park. It was funny and cute and a little strange all at the same time. I thought I was just in for some small talk, but for a complete stranger he sure knew just the right questions to ask to get me to hestiantly spill my guts and consequently, he said some very wise and profound things that nearly made me cry. At this point, I’m like who are you?!?! I asked him loads of questions about himself, but he kept dodging or redirecting them. All I could get him to say was that his name is Jock (I wanted to make a Jock Jams joke so badly), he’s never been married or had children, and he’s lived in Scotland his whole life. I was dumbfounded by the whole thing. When I got up to leave, he gave me a big hug and I took four or five steps away before turning back around to tell him thank you. But when I turned around he was GONE. Poof. Just like that.

Three. Rick Spencer, the Creative Manager at Universal Studios came and spoke to our class a couple weeks go and it was one of my favorite lectures. He works on Hollywood Horror Nights (which involves about 1,000 actors, 300 support staff, and completely new ideas, sets, and props each year) and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, so he obviously had incredible stories. Interesting fact: they had purchased enough wands for the first six months of the opening of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and sold out in the first week, so they had 747s from Taiwan chartered to bring more. Insane. Oh, and all the costumes are hand made at the studios, which is really cool, but guess how much one Grinch costume costs? $22,000!! Also insane. Speaking of the Grinch…Rick brought props and I got to live out the dream of being a Who for about 30 seconds…


Ladies and gentlemen, Katie Queen aka Killer Queen…aka Killer Clown, apparently.


Four. A couple of years ago there was one night where my roomies and I drank a lot of Magners cider and I proceeded to climb the oven and the kitchen cabinets, which they all thought was extremely amusing and that night was endearingly referred to from time to time. Well, Magners and I recently created another magical moment. Or something like that. I went to an Irish pub on St. Patrick’s Day with my Irish friends. Obviously. And I drank practically a vat of Magners throughout the day. Guinness isn’t my thing. So, I was equally surprised and unsurprised when I awoke the next morning to a text message from someone telling me that they were glad to have met me, I had a beautiful smile, and we should get coffee sometime. Mortified (and maybe slightly amused) that I had given my number to someone I only had a fuzzy recollection of, I handled the situation with total grace and class: I didn’t reply. I mean, it wasn’t my shiniest moment and I didn’t really care to engage in that conversation, but three days later I get another text from pub guy. This time he’s wondering if I’d want to go listen to Scottish folk music and eat haggis (really?!). I don’t reply. He texts again the next day. The man is persistent and I’m starting to feel bad, so I cave and tell him we can just grab a quick coffee the next week. So there I am waiting to meet someone who I literally have no idea if I actually like or not and I don’t really remember what he looks like either. I’m basically on a self-induced blind date. He shows up and I proceeded to have the most bizarre 45 minute conversation of my life. He ordered coffee and the first thing he said to me was that he thinks coffee tastes like cardboard. I let out an awkward laugh and said, “Oh, well you could’ve ordered a tea or hot chocolate or something instead.” And his response was, “Yeah, but this is one of those hipster places,” which somehow spun into a conversation about his fascination with connoisseurship. There was something about beer that tasted like fiberglass and his uncle’s farm in Sweden, a lot of jokes I didn’t understand about his brother working in the oil industry, and after some incoherent rambling about immigration, he mentioned that he had been selected to go on Mars One. I didn’t detect a hint of sarcasm so when I asked him about Mars One, he talked about gene pools and didn’t really answer my question. I didn’t have a clue what he was talking about most of the time. He asked me what my favorite galleries in Edinburgh were and then wanted me to explain them “succinctly”. Well, alrighty then. After giving that my best shot, I decided it was definitely time to grab the train. As you may suspect, there has been no further correspondence.

Five. Even though my life primarily consists of angst and writing essays, this week I was really grateful to enjoy after work seaside time with Team Efficient, Mexican food (which I’ve been craving for forever) with friends, going to my last class EVER, and seeing Get Hard at the cinema with my flatmates.

 IMG_7736Six. One week from today, three of my favorite homies will be here! Thank you sweet baby Jesus. I’m so excited to see familiar faces and give them all the love. I just can’t even. Yessss! Shenanigan time.

Seven. My Easter morning was spent finishing up an essay on gender inequality in the arts and cultural sector and reading to prepare for one on legacy funding. I put on a hoodie, jacket, and scarf to walk to the library and when I got outside realised it was nearly 70 degrees!! I didn’t know that happened here. So, I took the opportunity to let my face and arms soak up the vitamin D and it felt sooooo freaking good. I went to the pond, read a book, sketched, and took a cat nap in the sun. It was kind of strange to be alone all day and to not make it to an Easter service. But I did get to listen to my dad’s preachin’ thanks to the internets. I’m obviously biased, but I thought it was great. Have a listen, if you’d like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=157&v=Lw-i2XOIC7s.


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