National Poetry Day

My morning pages are kind of sprinkled with poems. Well, I think they’re poems. I won’t claim to know anything about poetry. But I signed up for a membership and a workshop at the Scottish Poetry Library this week. Because why the hell not?!

Today is National Poetry Day in the UK. Therefore, it would only be appropriate to share one. I wrote this on Referendum Day. It was my own personal declaration of ‘Yes’…

Say yes-

To fear.

Say yes-

To lonliness. Table for one. Twin size bed. Tiny quiet spaces. Tired thoughts. Hold your own heart.

Say yes-

To risk. Travel solo. Harness the unfamiliarity. Get lost. Trust your intuition. Open your eyes.

Say yes-

To deep cries. Wash your face in saltwater. Heave out the old. Breathe in the new. Keep your chin up.

Say yes-

To forgiveness. Fail. Let go. Give up. Unclench your fists.

Say yes-

To freedom.




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